Sometimes unforeseen faults can happen, and we apologise for the inconvenience. We encourage you contact us with your order number and fault in the instance that you receive a faulty item, your item has been damaged in transit or the goods you have received are incorrect. We will arrange for the item to be replaced and/or refunded. Oui Oui promise to uphold our end of the deal and do this in accordance with the Consumer Guarantees Act. We will cover the cost to return your order to us and return a replacement back to you free of charge.


Occasionally we may get it wrong. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please contact us with your order number and incorrect item. You will receive a Returns Authority number to return the item(s) under. Oui Oui will send out the correct item with a prepaid bag to return the wrong item in. Should that not be possible due to insufficient stock, Oui Oui will issue a full refund including postage both ways in the Payment Method used to order the item(s).