Hand Thrown Stoneware Cup

Hand Thrown Stoneware Cup

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This hand thrown stoneware 500ml cup is of simple design and rustic charm. Finished in a beautiful duck egg or ink glaze, each handcrafted mug has subtle differences that make them even more unique.

Wrap your hands around this tactile cup  to heighten the pleasure of your cup of tea, coffee or wine!

Food, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

Dimensions:  9cm dia  x 13cm hig

(silicone lid available)

Made in NZ

  • NB:  Sizing, glaze colour and coverage can vary between pieces.

Made by hand by J G Kalb in his Southland studio using local clay and fired in either a gas or wood fired kiln.  John has been making pottery for 36 years and is still fascinated by the process and techniques which he shares in his teaching classes.