Hand Thrown Stoneware Salad Bowl – Duckegg

Hand Thrown Stoneware Salad Bowl – Duckegg

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Charm your guests with this stunning hand thrown stoneware salad bowl. Finished with a beautiful duck egg glaze and a notched lip, each handcrafted bowl has subtle differences which make them even more unique.

Just the right size for a rustic salad or fruit bowl and also beautiful enough to display on its own.

Food, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

22cm dia x 8cm high
Made in NZ

  • NB: Sizing, glaze colour and coverage can vary between pieces.

Made by hand by J G Kalb in his Southland studio using local clay and fired in either a gas or wood fired kiln.  John has been making pottery for 36 years and is still fascinated by the process and techniques which he shares in his teaching classes.